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Experience an Exclusive Mediterranean VIP Journey in Singapore

What is

Welcome to the Buyer Program page of our fair, where we connect distinguished decision-makers with unparalleled opportunities. Our program is meticulously designed to bring together industry leaders and innovators for an exclusive journey through the world of Mediterranean food and wine. By participating, you’ll gain access to a curated selection of vendors, exclusive networking events, and insightful sessions tailored to foster meaningful business relationships and enhance your strategic positioning in the market. Join us to explore new horizons, discover innovative products, and collaborate with peers who share your passion for excellence in the culinary and wine sectors.

PLEASE NOTE: Subject to Availability


Who's in

A Buyer Program Delegate is regarded as a key decision-maker, responsible for shaping procurement strategies and guiding choices within their organization. These esteemed participants convene at the Mediterranean Food & Wine Week in Singapore, aiming to garner new insights and conduct transactions that enhance cost efficiency and time management for their company. In evaluating applications, we consider the following criteria:

  • Ability to Travel to Singapore: You have the opportunity to travel to Singapore on the dates from January 13th – 14th, 2025, committing fully to the scheduled meetings throughout the event.
  • Decision-Making Power: You hold a high-level position with decision-making authority.
  • Annual Procurement Budget: Annual budgets allocated for imports.


Buyers' Area

Enjoy a VIP section complete with Access lunch, refreshments, a VIP zone, among other exclusive services.

Tasting Dinners

Unique Events and Displays Offering Deep Dives into Premier Mediterranean Culinary Works.

Networking Gatherings

Distinctive Gatherings Aimed at Strengthening Connections Among Leading Italian Suppliers and Buyers.

Travel Expenses Refund

A Dedicated Team Offering Key Services, Always Reachable via a Support Line.

Buyer Full Access

Unlimited Access to the Trade Fair, Exclusive Buyers’ Lounge, and Select Program Events with the Buyer Pass.

Customized Business Agenda

The Chance to Schedule Advance Meetings with Preferred Vendors and Design Custom Exploration Routes.

Registration Step


Express Your Interest: To apply for the program, please show your interest using the form on this page, and register via "Registration Page" . Qualifying participants will be notified by email or phone about the next steps.


Evaluation Procedure: After being selected as one of our Hosted Buyers, we'll work together to understand your sourcing needs and match them with our exhibitors.


Tailored Scheduling System: Our team will align your procurement interests with a personalized agenda for your participation in the event.


Individual Appointment Planning: After the matching process, access to arranged meetings will be granted, providing you the opportunity to plan additional personal meetings and partake in our interactive event activities.

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