Why Attend

Welcome to an immersive journey where passion converges with opportunity. Explore the compelling reasons to join this exceptional event.

Are you a...

The Mediterranean Food & Wine Week offers a comprehensive experience. It caters to diverse interests… Tell us who you are, and we’ll illustrate why your participation is vital.

Why IMPORTERS should participate

Exclusive Importer Rights

Secure exclusive distribution rights for specific regions or durations, gaining a competitive edge. Many of these brands are novelties in this market segment.

Tailored Business Matchmaking

Our event is designed to link you with relevant Mediterranean enterprises that suit your requirements. This targeted approach ensures meaningful and fruitful engagements.

Market Insights

Stay informed about shifting consumer preferences and market dynamics to keep your product offerings relevant.

Direct Negotiations

Interact directly with producers to arrange bulk deals, ensuring competitive pricing and improved profit margins.

Why DISTRIBUTORS should participate

Exclusive Mediterranean Offerings

Explore a curated selection of premium Mediterranean products not yet available in Southeast Asia. Seize this opportunity to differentiate your offerings and cater to an elite clientele from countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and Morocco.

Cost-effective Arrangements

Engage with suppliers directly to negotiate favorable terms, ensuring enhanced profitability and competitive pricing.

Market Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into emerging market trends and consumer preferences to strategically position your business.

Direct Negotiations

Engage directly with producers to secure bulk deals, ensuring competitive pricing and better margins.

Why HO.RE.CA. should participate

Discover Unique Ingredients

Source premium and distinctive Mediterranean ingredients to enhance culinary offerings in hospitality and catering businesses. Unique products can elevate guest experiences and satisfaction.

Small Quantities

With Mediterranean World, access a wide range of products suitable for businesses of any size. Most items are available in small quantities due to a well-organized supply chain.

Supplier Connections

Establish direct connections with Mediterranean producers to negotiate bulk deals and partnerships, ensuring consistent and high-quality supply.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Join workshops and masterclasses led by industry professionals to broaden your culinary and wine knowledge.

Why END CUSTOMERS should participate

Chinese New Year Gifts

Discover unique gifts and souvenirs, perfect for the festive season and ideal for friends and family.

Exclusive Product Availability

Access unique Mediterranean products not readily available elsewhere, enriching your personal collection.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Join workshops and masterclasses led by experts to expand your culinary and wine expertise.

Special Deals & Offers

Benefit from exclusive discounts and promotions available only during the event.

Why CHEF/SOMMELIER should participate

Skill Enhancement

Participate in workshops and sessions led by industry pioneers to refine your techniques and knowledge.

Learn from the Best

Participate in workshops and masterclasses led by industry experts, expanding your culinary and wine knowledge.

Trend Insights

Stay abreast of the latest culinary and wine trends to keep your offerings innovative and appealing.

Discover Unique Products

Discover fresh and exclusive ingredients or wines to enhance your culinary creations or wine lists, raising them to new heights.